Why an Electronic Drum Set Is the Best Choice for kids

An acoustic drum kit is fine, but it has some disadvantages over the electronic drum set.

Here are some reasons why the electronic drum set is a better choice.

Transportation and Storage

Drums are huge and heavy. They are difficult to transport to a gig and back again. They also take up a large amount of storage when not set up as a drum set. Even when setup, they tend to take up a considerable square footage.

With an electronic drum set, they’re compact. They don’t have to weigh all that much because it’s all electronics which isn’t heavy. They’re also compact to put away and store taking up far less space. Also, the drum set put together has smaller square footage, so it can fit into a bedroom to play.


The central control system sees each digital drum wired into it. It picks up each drum hit to know when each electronic drum is struck with the drum stick. The system can be selected to have a theme, so drums can sound like they do with hip hop music, some jazz and hard rock, which an acoustic drum kit cannot do.

An amplifier is required to hear the sound that the drum kit is producing. However, it’s also possible to connect headphones to listen quietly without disturbing other people which is great for practices without annoying others. This is a major plus point. The digital input can also connect to a computer to record the drum track without necessarily requiring digital condenser microphones to pick up the sound from the amp.

Pricing Of Electronic Drum Set

The cost is much lower with electronic drum kits. A semi-acceptable acoustic drum kit will be at least mid-three-figures and possibly more. A decent electronic drum kit starts around $10-150 and rises from there. Different ranges of electronic drum set available at online electronic drum guy shop, you have choose according to your budget. Therefore, new drummers can get an electronic drum kit less expensively and start practicing much sooner than they can with an acoustic kit.

Confidence Levels

The confidence level isn’t something that people often think about when choosing between an acoustic drum kit and an electronic one, however, it does come into it. For younger, new drummers, they’ll usually be happier settling into using something electronic because it’s what they’ve grown up with. That’ll certainly be true of millennials. However, for older, new drummers, they might take to the pureness of an acoustic set.

This initial comfort level bleeds into confidence. When setting up and sitting down in front of a huge acoustic drum set, it’s daunting. You feel like you don’t know what to do. However, when sitting in front to a smaller, more manageable electronic one, it doesn’t feel anything like an intimidating to try it out.

Setting Goals

Setting goals for your progression and what songs you can learn to play is easier with electronic kits when feelingat ease from the start. When not intimidated, the learning curve is easier to overcome even when it feels steep initially. Setting future goals to motivate yourself to achieve them, like playing a harder song’s drum track, is doable when the confidence is still developing. So, choosing a kit that’s right for you is important.

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