Kid’s singing machine is not working. How to fix it?

When you have set up the singing machine for your kids, then it is necessary to check whether the connection has been set up correctly or not. If you notice that the device is not working then at first, you need to check the audio and video connectivity of the machine. The discs which the users are going to use must be clean and unscratched. These discs contain music, and vocal tracks and your kids will be able to sing by following these tracks. While fixing the karaoke machines for your kids, you may face some difficulties. Well, you need to know the reasons for such problems. Those are mentioned in detail on karaoke machine guides and also describe below:

  • At first, you need to check whether the power switch is on or not. Make sure that the power chord is connected to the machine. In the case of battery power, you should also check that batteries are kept in the compartments of the cell correctly. Well, if the plugs are connected rightly but still the machine is not working, they may be the power outlet does not have power.

  • If your kids face problem relating to sound while using the device, then you need to check whether the correct function has been selected or not. Both the TV and the PA system should be turned on, and the chords are tightly attached to these.
  • If the karaoke machine of your kids breaks, then you should take check how the device can be repaired. The first thing you need to check whether the CDs are intact or not. At first, all the CDs are required to remove from the machine.
  • Now then take a lint-free soft cloth and use it to clean the CDs. To clean it, you should hold the CDs at the edge and use the fabric gently.
  • You can use alcohol to clean CDs. It is good to use alcohol to remove stubborn dirt and dust. Pour alcohol lightly on the CDs so that slowly the wreckage or stain can get deleted.
  • Your kids may also face problems using this singing machine due to scratched CDs. So, you require to identify the scratches at first. To remove the scratches you can use toothpaste as polish. Using toothpaste back and forth gently can remove clear the cracks.
  • Now the polish is required to be rinsed off by using warm water and keep it in the air to get it dry.

Apart from those above, you may also notice that your kids might not have inserted the CD correctly. If it is inserted upside down, then it will not work for sure. Sometimes moisture inside the deck can cause a problem.  If it is so, then the deck is to be kept free to dry. Similar to the sound system, the video may get disturbed, and here too you need to check specific areas. You should check whether the video input system is working appropriately or not, and all the connections are running correctly.

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